Saturday, 2 November 2013

What Happen in London Part 2.

To carry on from where I left off last time, I though I would share the final part about what I did in London! I'll be going back in a few days so I'll be uploading what happens there, but for now, here what happened in the summer!

So, day 3 in London was mine & my mutti's last whole day to have a feast and a good shop. During the morning we went shopping, and somehow ended up on Bond Street. I didn't manage to take any pictures, probably because of the vast amount of window shopping we did.

Luckily, it wasn't long until we got hungry and realised, Hard Rock Cafe wasn't too far away! There was a pretty long queue when we arrived and were told we would have to wait. We didn't mind, and eventually only ended up waiting about 15 minutes. In the meantime we grabbed a couple of cocktails and sat outside until our buzzer rang.

I had the Electric Iced Tea which, was ok. I had expected more from such a hyped up place, it tasted a little soapy and plain, but still drinkable, so I didn't waste a drop. My mum had the purple haze, which wasn't very purple but did taste a bit better than mine!

About halfway through drinking our drinks, our little buzzer thing they gave us (really don't know what they're called) started buzzing and we were shown to our table. One thing I must say about the staff in Hard Rock is that they're really lovely and helpful. Since it was our first time at Hard Rock, we decided to get starters and a main, which in hindsight was a huge mistake!

For starters we had the jumbo combo, which as I said, in hindsight was a mistake, this wasn't because it didn't taste good, but because of the sheer size of it! I would not recommend getting this for two unless you're competitive eaters!My favourite part of this starter was definitely the Santa Fe spring rolls and the hot wings. I must say that the starter was really delicious!

For mains we both had Texan pulled pork burgers, which were also really tasty! Unfortunately we could only manage a bite each of the burgers! But we were given trays each to take them away! Just to let you know, they weren't wasted, we ate them in Hyde Park half an hour later!

After people watching in Hyde Park for a few hours we headed back to the hotel for a while, and surprise, surprise.. We were hungry again. This time we decided to stay around Belsize Park and try and find a Thai. After a short walk we found a tiny little Thai restaurant called Little Thai (haha), that was hand down one of the nicest Thai restaurants I've ever visited!

I had a Prawn Pad Thai and my mum had Thai Green Chicken Curry with sticky rice. Both meals were absolutely delicious. My pad thai came with a gorgeous crunchy chilli seasoning on the side and crushed peanuts, which was nice as I love not having all my food piled on top of each other. My mothers' sticky rice was the best cooked sticky rice I have ever tasted, it was sticky but not gloopy and perfectly cooked! I would definitely recommend this restaurant as the food was a great price and really well cooked.

I'll leave this post here for now, even though I could ramble on a bit more. Keep your eyes open for part 3. Hope you enjoyed my first post for a while! Don't for get to leave a comment!

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  1. Oh my WORD all this food looks delicious!! The starter combo thing especially. Boyfriend and I once ordered some sort of nacho behemoth when we went to Hard Rock in NYC and the server dude didn't tell us that we probably didn't need burgers as well... so much food! x xx