Sunday, 23 June 2013

Perfect Pamper Night Goodies.

Fancied a little change on the blog today so I thought a nice little list of my favourite bath time pamper products, and why I think they're so great would make for a nice read.

1. Herbal Essences Bee Strong Intensive Hair Mask (£2.50* for 200ml).
This hair mask hasn't long been on the shelves and it is already becoming one of favourite hair products. I naturally have quite curly hair than can get pretty frizzy and unmanageable at times, so I often like to use a nice hair mask on my hair to get rid of the frizziness. This is one of the nicest masks I've used partly down to just the smell alone. The packaging says it has essences of honey and apricot ( apricot stands out the most for me) but there's another smell in there that just makes me feel like I'm on holiday. What I also found with this hair mask is that, it doesn't give my hair a greasy feeling after frequent use, which is huge plus. There is definitely nothing worse than combined frizzy and greasy hair! Definitely a must have for a pamper night, slather on, leave for 30 minutes then rise out for gorgeous hair!

2. LUSH Comforter Bubble Bar. (£4.25* each)
I'm totally obsessed with Lush products and have been for many years now! Although in my current flat I don't have bath, only a shower, this was my favourite bath time bubble bar for years. First of all, the bar is massive so at £4.25 per bar, it's not too expensive because you can break chunks off and only use as much as you want in your bath (I'll admit, I use the whole thing in one go). It turns your bath into the most gorgeous pinky/purple colour and fills the room with a gorgeous berry/marshmallow smell. The best thing about this bar is the feeling it leaves on your skin after using it. You get left with silky smooth skin and smelling gorgeous, what more would you want for a pamper night?

3. Treacle Moon My Coconut Island (£3* for 500ml)
So, since I don't have a bath I need a product that's going to make feel just as pampered in the shower. This, is my favourite ever shower gel. First of all, I think the price is an absolute bargain because of the size of the bottle. Secondly, this is the best smelling shower gel I have ever used. It smells like caramel soaked coconut (without being sickly). It lathers up really nicely and leaves a lovely scent on feeling on your skin. I love using it during the inter too because even though it's a coconut scent, it's really warming and comforting! Exactly what you need to feel pampered!

4. Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel (£6* for 500ml)
Almost every person in my family has this shower gel. Soap and Glory products are just like heaven to me, they always smell great, look great, feel great and pretty reasonably priced. In all honesty I wouldn't spend £6 on shower gel I was going to use everyday, because I live on a pretty tight budget, but this is definitely worth having for special pampering times. Soap and Glory products have a really distinctive smell in my opinion. There's just something very luxurious about them with their classic smell and look. One of my favourite products (I have 3 bottles from Christmas still in my bathroom).

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter (£4.99* for 400ml)
Best moisturiser ever. I have stretch marks, dry skin, lumps and bumps that all need to be moisturised. This stuff I believe is the best beauty product for skin available. It's no secret that it's used by pregnant women to help prevent stretch marks and I honestly believe it works. Not only does it smell amazing (it comes in an unscented version too, just in case you don't like the smell) but it's amazingly thick and non-greasy. It's really good for dry skin and can be used as an after-sun or to help prevent stretch marks. I've been told a few times that I have really soft skin and I'm telling you all now, it's the cocoa butter!

* All prices are the amounts I have most recently paid for these products.

Hannah x

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