Sunday, 7 April 2013

Eating out in Liverpool

Since the weather has been good recently, me and Ken (my boyfriend) decided to go out for lunch.

As I live in Liverpool there is plenty of choice of places to dine out at, especially if you're on a tight budget like me, where you can still get delicious food. We took our time deciding where to go today (since there's so many good places to choose from) but eventually decided on one of the places we seem to visit the most at the moment.

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This is a little restaurant/bar located in Liverpool city centre. It's quite hidden away down a little side street, but a definite go to place if you ever are in Liverpool!



There is just a lovely atmosphere as soon as you walk in, well decorated and plenty of seating. You pick where you would like to sit, and not hassled by staff as soon as you walk in, which I love! There's nothing worse than going out to eat and being asked what you want to eat or drink even before you've sat down!

On the menu is mainly American style diner type food such as burgers and fried chicken, with a few British classics like roast dinner for Sundays. After a quick look at the menu (which is a good size, plenty of choice but not overwhelming) I decided I'd have the same thing I always have (oops) :) but, why mess with a good thing!? I chose the 'Hot and Kickin fried chicken' which comes with a side of fries and coleslaw. Ken chose chilli cheese fries and a side of garlic flat bread.




For all of our food and two large drinks our bill came to around £21, which I think is a total bargain for such a delicious lunch for two. The portion sizes are generous (the chilli cheese fries could've easily fed two) and the food fresh and well flavoured. The chicken was so good, not dry at all, or greasy, and far better than any fried chicken you could get from certain fast food places.... :) The garlic bread was lovely an thin and crispy, with big chunks of garlic. That may not be for everyone, but I love eating big chunks of fresh garlic (I feel sorry for the people that come into close contact with me after I have!). The meal was just fantastic. It is definitely somewhere I would recommend visiting in Liverpool if you want a tasty quick lunch on a budget!

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